We provide a conventional 3-coat all masonry stucco system.  Lath is 2.5 dimpled with a Fortifiber paper underlayment.  We can finish the walls with either different sands and elastomeric paints or tinted acrylic finishes.  With different sands, we can achieve a smooth to the most rustic of textures.  One of the most important factors in a stucco application is to seal any and all penetrations.  After a job is complete all penetration, windows, kick-outs, doors, etc. get sealed using high grade NP-1 sealant.


Stone comes in all shapes and sizes literally.  Depending on customer wants and budgets stone can be of the local sandstones, limestones or cultured rock.  Real stone can be the full dimensional or can be cut into veneers at the quarry.  Cultured rock has become an increasingly popular stone of choice.  Being man made, cultured rock is available to suit anyone’s taste (color, texture, size, etc.) and is not limited to its region like natural stone. 

Stone and Stucco

Stucco and stone is a timeless marriage of mediums.  With the right color palette and choice of stone, the customer can achieve a true masterpiece for their project.


Brick comes in a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes to please the most demanding of customers.  Brick is usually one of the more affordable of choice but it does not mean it cannot be beautiful. 

Brick and Stone




We can offset the modular look of brick with the randomness of stone.

Special Projects




Indoors, we have constructed fireplaces, stove accents, entertainment accents, kitchen bar accents, glass block shower units, partitions, cantera columns and niches depending on what the customer requests.   The growing popularity of outdoor living spaces has expanded our expertise in outdoor projects such as standalone outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, summer kitchens, retaining walls, pavers, and the occasional Texas size mailbox.